Portrait Maresz II

The style of Yan Maresz – fluidity, interlacing lines, harmonic vivacity – is found throughout his works produced at IRCAM, each one opening a new artistic and technological perspective. From its opening note, Metallics calls upon our memories, those of Miles Davis or of Baroque concertos. As a Cursus student, Maresz imagined a short story of the trumpet using variations of multiple mutes; a musical study that has become a part of the repertoire of numerous soloists.

Ten years later, in 2004, Sul Segno for plucked strings and electronics, marks the epitome of sonorous refinement, a resonating world revealed through computer analysis of instrumental sounds and the trajectory of their attack.

  • Yan Maresz Sul Segno, Metallics
  • Luis Fernando Rizo-Salom Quatre pantomimes pour six, premiere
  • Diana Soh Arboretum: of myths and trees, premiere Cursus 2
Jean DeroyerJean Deroyer © Jean Radel

Élise Chauvin soprano
Ensemble Court-circuit
Conductor Jean Deroyer
IRCAM Computer Music Design Manuel Poletti, Diana Soh
IRCAM Pedagogical Advisor Grégoire Lorieux

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Court-circuit coproduction. With the support of the Sacem (scholarships for Cursus 2 composers).