L’Itinéraire – Les Cris de Paris

Placing the work in nature, and nature in the work, creating a musical system based on the space where it will be heard, these are the concerns of Jean-Luc Hervé, associating plant and musical growth. A concert and an invitation to reap in a soundscape in the heart of Paris. The first part of this concert, entrusted to the Cris de Paris, is urban, rhetorical, and theatrical featuring the premiere of a work by Heera Kima and a triptych by Mauro Lanza.

Simultaneously bereavement, anarchy, and celebration, Ludus de Morte Regis is the memory of three anarchists who tried to assassinate the king Umberto 1 at the end of the 19th century. The rebellion of the anarchist Passannante against the king and the state of nature, the insanity of an impossible act, the lunacy of Nietzsche, the crucified signs a letter addressed to Umberto. A great number of extreme and burlesque movements can be found in this work that is a “state of exception”.

  • Heera Kim Things We Said Today, premiere Cursus 2
  • Mauro Lanza Ludus de Morte Regis, commissioned by Les Cris de Paris as a part of “Identité et Environnement Sonore”, premiere
  • Jean-Luc Hervé Germination*, commissioned by the French government, premiere

Conductor Jean Deroyer, Geoffroy Jourdain
IRCAM Computer Music Design Gilbert Nouno, Manuel Poletti, Heera Kim, Serge Lemouton*
IRCAM Pedagogical Advisors Éric Daubresse
Landscape Artist, stage design consultant Astrid Verspieren*

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, L’Itinéraire, and Les Cris de Paris coproduction. With the support of the Sacem (scholarships for Cursus 2 composers). In collaboration with the École Du Breuil, school of landscape art and techniques, establishment managed by the City of Paris*.

6:30pm, IRCAM, Igor-Stravinsky Room

Screening of the film “Images of a work n°16: Germination, by Jean-Luc Hervé”, written and produced by Philippe Langlois and Christian Bahier. Free entry upon presentation of a ticket for the evening’s concert.

germination© Astrid Verspieren