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Posterity, The Future, and Oblivion: The Digital Work

The “digital dark age” is a future situation where electronic data will no longer be readable because the supports and formats they are stocked on will be forgotten. This problem touches the fields of erudition and art, of archiving and of creating. The memory of humanity is being converted into bits.

What are the strategies that can be put in place to face this digital oblivion and technological obsolescence? Assembly and storage, vintage, remake, and re-interpretation are signs of artistic inventiveness in live with the passage of technological time. From music to the visual arts, from film to the creation of video games, from computer science to engineering knowledge, the issue of posterity concerns tools, languages, and artistic works. An opposition of Faust and Janus.

RERORERO. (PAGE NOT FOUND), 2011. Pencil, ancient book, detritus & stone wool

With Patrick Bazin, Pierre Boulez, Nicolas Bourriaud, Jean-Baptiste Clais, Régis Debray, Philippe Dubois, Christine Berthaud, Thierry Bouche, Roberto Di Cosmo, Andrew Gerzso, Emmanuel Hoog, Anne Laforet, Pierre Lemarquis, Michaël Levinas, Amedeo Napoli, Frédérick Raynal, Slava G. Turyshev…

Coordination Sylvain Lumbroso, Hugues Vinet, Sylvie Benoit

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou and Sacem coproduction. With the support of the DREST-the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the UPMC.

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