In Vivo Théâtre

For electric musical theater! Following In Vivo Théâtre 2012 with Ludovic Lagarde and a young generation of French directors, Heiner Goebbels is coordinating the In Vivo Théâtre 2013 workshop. How have computer technologies cornered artists’ studios, the stage, our raw strength?

vivo-theatre2© Anna Schewelew

Anna Schewelew and Fabian Offert, two young stage designers from the Giessen Institute where Heiner Goebbels teaches, meet the imagination of Laurent Durupt. The musicians from Le Balcon on parole, connected to a misplaced server on the stage of the Bouffes du Nord that has become and electronic circuit. In the Baroque esthetic of Professor Bad Trip, completed in 2000, Fausto Romitelli had already staged another form of addiction: the loss of control and experiencing the void.

  • Fausto Romitelli Trash TV Trance
  • Laurent Durupt P-Server, premiere Cursus 2
  • Fausto Romitelli Professor Bad Trip I, II and III
vivo-theatre3© Anna Schewelew

Director Anna Schewelew, Fabian Offert
Le Balcon
Guitar Giani Caserotto
Conductor Maxime Pascal
IRCAM Computer Music Design Laurent Durupt
IRCAM Academic Advisor Jean Lochard

vivo-theatre© Anna Schewelew

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Hessische Theaterakademie coproduction. With the support of the FCM – Fonds pour la Création Musicale and the Sacem (scholarships for Cursus 2 composers).