Art-Science Think Tank 3

Posterity, The Future, and Oblivion: The Digital Work

Debates and Conferences. June 14

Debates and the Art-Science Think Tank on the Work in the Digital Age: A Comparison of Faust and Janus. How can works created using technology that will soon be obsolete be perpetuated? This is a crucial question that touches both the arts and the sharing of knowledge. More info>


3:30pm, Sacem, Auditorium Debussy-Ravel

Christophe Dessimoz Information Storage in DNA [abstract]

4:30pm, Sacem, Auditorium Debussy-Ravel

Alain Bonardi Identity (Identities) and the Transmission of a Real-Time Musical Work [abstract]
Delphine Dauga Biocurating: Conserving Live Data [abstract]


6:30pm, Sacem, Auditorium Debussy-Ravel

Patrick Bazin | Emmanuel Hoog | Michaël Levinas | Laurent Petitgirard | Bruno Racine
Discussion Leader: Didier Si Ammour

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou and Sacem coproduction. With the support of the DREST-the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the UPMC.