Art-Science Think Tank 2

Posterity, The Future, and Oblivion: The Digital Work

The “digital dark age” is a future situation where electronic data will no longer be readable because the supports and formats they are stocked on will be forgotten. More info>

Conferences. June 13

2:30pm, IRCAM, Igor-Stravinsky Room

Roberto Di Cosmo Organizing Sharing to Preserve Data [abstract]
Amadeo Napoli From Data to Knowledge: A Long Path to Enrich Memories [abstract]

4:30pm, IRCAM, Igor-Stravinsky Room

Christine Berthaud Open Archives for Science [abstract]
Thierry Bouche The Digital Mathematical Library [abstract]


6:30pm, IRCAM, Igor-Stravinsky Room

Slava G. Turyshev The Pioneer Anomaly [abstract]


8pm, IRCAM, Espace de projection

Pierre Boulez | Régis Debray | Pierre Lemarquis
Discussion Leader: Frank Madlener (Director of IRCAM)

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou and Sacem coproduction. With the support of the DREST-the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the UPMC.