Amedeo Napoli

From Data to Knowledge: A Long Path to Enrich Memories

Data are available in large quantities and in variable qualities, without one particular use at first sight. A fundamental question is knowing how to extract knowledge that is useful to both man and to machine (memories) from these huge masses. A similar question is that of being capable of manipulating different types of documents now available on the Internet based on their contents.

These are issues that are a part of the process of discovery (or extraction) of knowledge from masses of data. This type of process demands a more detailed preparation of the data and then an interpretation and representation of the extracted elements to be reused. Discovery is iterative and interactive, and must be based on knowledge from the data’s domain. Therefore, the discovery and representation of knowledge are two complementary processes – there is no searching without a model – that are the foundation of the conception of intelligent systems.

Art-Science Think Tank: Wednesday, June 13

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